Children are victims too

After 2,329 — two thousand three hundred twenty nine days — the mask fell off. After 1,029 days my now 19 nineteen year old daughter slept under my roof again. We had our first homecooked meal together in my home. How does that happen, right?  I’m glad you asked.

The every other weekend standard garbage issue is what most fathers receive. I got 36 hours unsupervised every other weekend with my children. I’m so dangerous I can be with my own children unsupervised for 36 hours. Makes perfect sense. It actually made zero sense until a leaked Zoom video had my children’s GAL Elaine Pudlowski talking about stealing kids with judges approval for cash and profit.

Less than 30 days after our divorce my co-parent filed her first post divorce ex parte attempt. My crime? I sent flowers to my daughters school for her birthday. Targeted parents showing love and affection will not be tolerated. After each attempt of parental interference she received no consequences. Suddenly the children just stopped showing up. I filed contempt’s and interference with custody reports. The parenting plan was interfered with until I had to file a motion to modify after no access.

The prosecuting attorney of Franklin County, Missouri is Matthew Becker. He chose to ignore the felonies done against my children’s time with their father. While the children were being withheld, my refusal to pay child support resulted in a felony prosecution. I paid it off before trial but I wanted to show these courts don’t care about children or parental time and their well being, only money.

Matthew Becker is okay with felony child abuse to withhold children from a fit, willing, and able parent. He cannot tolerate a crime if the state is losing money however. His morals and enforcement of the law will not allow that.


Fast forward to oct 7th 2021 after 7 years of constant court and co- parenting abuse against my children and I. You can read those abuses here: Rosa-Lawsuit-1. This lawsuit was dismissed for quasi judicial immunity and is in the next stages of legal filings. It is an example of the abuses everyone endured.

I received my first phone call after nearly a year from my daughter. My co-parent was forcing her out of the house. The crime? She went to talk to a therapist without approval and she’s 19.  I drove the 35 minutes to pick her and her puppers up with some clothes. My co-parent found out that my 19 year old is staying with her father. The lender was told to pick up the car even though all payments were made by the daughter. The cellphone was immediately turned off. She drained the bank account of the funds the kid had worked for. Those possessions are hers to do what she pleases. I turned the cell phone back on the next day. My co-parent reported the cell phone stolen rendering the phone useless.

This sounds oh so familiar when you go against the regime you will pay the price. I asked my daughter if she remembered the text messages from 5 years ago that she sent me from a random phone. She was grounded for 2 two weeks for talking to me on the phone the night before. It never got better for my children.

Custody decrees leave children to punitive parents. Why are we giving ownership of non custodial parents through a lopsided parenting plan? Missouri state laws states: the parent most likely to foster a relationship with both parents and the children should have custody. There isn’t a sane person that can look at the paperwork from my divorce or the 7 years of hell the children had to live and think the children’s best interest was ever considered. It was either a negligent or extremely corrupt decision.

After viewing the corruption video we can safely say there is a criminal cartel operating under judicial immunity. This should never be acceptable to family courts and prosecutors. The only reasonable explanation is that chaos makes money for the courts and never mind how messed up the kids get. Pay the child support for the state to collect federal reimbursement dollars and we wont have a problem.

This leads me to my question.  Why don’t kids stand up to abusive parents given full control of them in a custody order? After 7 years when my daughter wasn’t allowed to call me at 19 nineteen why didn’t she fight back?

Trauma Bonding 

I searched this term on that information site. It made me an instant expert in this field. I’m just kidding. It gave me a glimpse of understanding the term. These are simply my opinions since I am not a doctor in these fields. I had to read through about 15 fifteen studies and reports. Its a term usually associated when a man or woman can’t break free of a domestic violence relationship. Almost all of the searches I turned up the point of view that women are the victim in this terminology.

I did run across this article that seemed to be from a neutral viewpoint: signs-trauma-bonding-and-how-break-the-cycle

Why does society lose its mind if we think a women is being a victim of trauma bonding? If a woman is doing it to the children, well we can make all kinds of excuses to justify the abuse.

  1. You know someone is bad for you but you keep going back
  2. Fear of cutting them out of your life creates emotional distress
  3. You exclude everyone from your relationship
  4. You isolate yourself from anyone who doesn’t include the abuser
  5. You worry about doing things that may upset them
  6. You defend their negative behavior to others
  7. You know they are abusive and manipulative but you cant let them go
  8. You consider their happiness to be your happiness
  9. You have lost your sense of self worth
  10. You feel invisible in the relationship
  11. You view the abuser as your drug.

Does this sound like another term we hear a lot? Gatekeeping? Parental Alienation? In terms of abuse people don’t like change. Humans will live in the hell we are familiar with rather than change and stand up to your abuser. Especially when its your own parent. Can you imagine facing this as a child? Can you imagine facing this and then you move away from that abusive controlling parent and you have guilt for all the years you were an unwilling participant to your targeted parent?  Is it any wonder kids turn to over 70 negative destructive life behaviors and shoot up schools when they are experiencing these traumas?

What are the things the targeted parent can do to combat these abuses to their children? Document everything. Record everyone if your state laws allow. Trust no one including your own attorney. The closer you are to 50/50 shared parenting the better you will be able to combat these behaviors. Its harder to convince children their other parent is evil if they spend half their time with them instead of 36 measly hours.

Courts are corrupt. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt in an alternative universe for a moment. Laws are to be interpreted and equally enforced by judges. They are in no way qualified to spot these behaviors or distinguish when abuse is real or not. They want to move cases along making the state money and go to the next case. There is no training for these issues for the Guardian Ad Litem. It’s the inmates running the insane asylum around here. The court professionals don’t understand these issues. “The Child’s best interest” is usually the cheap term to avoid accountability.  Justice Gorsuch has stated “best interest of the child” is a flawed legal theory because it’s too broad.

The false allegations are easily provable in my case. The system failed my children. They failed your children. Abuse happened to my children for 7 seven years . There isn’t anyone accountable for their actions. They only serve the courts. At least we can begin to understand how a child would reject a parent without just cause. We force kids to adapt and survive. When the children no longer comply they will get the venom too. Everything is now my daughters fault in the blame game. My co-parent has tried to bribe her to come back. Attack’s have become relentless this past week now that she feels betrayed. Children always grow up to see who the problem parent was after 7 years.

I still hold the family courts that allow this to happen to millions of children a year responsible. They chose to overlook the conflict and chaos all those years ago. Time for a change. Reform or abolish. Staying complacent in child abuse is no longer optional.

Kenneth Rosa

Media Manager

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