Many newly divorced, separated or even never-married fathers are surprised to discover that in Family Court the scales of justice are rarely balanced. In fact, according to the most recent US Census, mothers are granted sole or primary custody of a couple’s children 79.5-83% of the time. 

The Fathers’ Rights Movement is a group of men and women who are committed to helping loving fathers enjoy their full rights and responsibilities, as well as helping children have their fathers in their lives. We strongly support and advocate the rebuttable presumption of 50/50 equal shared parenting. It is easy to blame ex-wives for the bias against fathers. The problems, however, run far deeper and are in many ways societal.

Enter The Fathers’ Right Movement. Our goal is to help fathers who want equal, shared parenting to understand their rights and to give these fathers the support and resources they need to successfully navigate the frustrations built into the family court and child custody systems.

The next step in the evolution of advocacy of equal and shared parenting is happening in both federal and state courts throughout the country. While continuing to help support all 50 states legislatively, TFRM looks forward to expanding advocacy into more than just the legislative process and moving into legal advocacy in both state and federal courts.

We have seen success throughout the country, including big wins in both Illinois, New Jersey in the past few years, and we have seen waves made in several other states. With this success and expansion of TFRM programs, TFRM will be able to support matters throughout the country and attack equal and shared parenting from two fronts: The Courts and The Legislature. 

While not designed to help individual fathers, the new TFRM Legal Fund will help lawyers, law firms, and other organizations fund litigation at the state and federal level to help move forward and create precedential case law to help move forward the equal and shared parenting.

As an initial capstone project, TFRM has committed to raising funds to support a Class Action Lawsuit directly related to Child Custody by a team of attorneys collaborating with The Fathers’ Rights Movement including Minnesota Family Attorney Ryan McLaughlin, Host of TFRM’s STATE of the FAMILY COURTS and California Family Law Attorney Mark Reel Jr, and more. Your donation to TFRM’s Legal Fund today will be directly financially supporting a Class Action Lawsuit with the anticipation of filing in Federal Court in 2021

The Initial Funding Goal is $25,000

Funds Raised Towards Goal 2.5%

                                   *A live feed of funds raised towards the funding goal will be added soon

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