Glenn Shepherd

Information Technology Manager

Appointed as IT Manager in 2018, Glenn welcomed the opportunity to apply the skills developed over several decades in information systems support. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for Management Information Systems in 2000, he was able to apply his application development experience to the technology infrastructure needs of a growing shared parenting advocacy non-profit organization.

David Vesper

Legislative Director

David Vesper has been contributing his skills to The Fathers’ Rights Movement since 2016 and currently serves as Legislative Director. David has over 20-years of service to the United States in the US Army, during which time he earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a Global Social Science track. David provides leadership through coaching, mentoring, and legislative advice to state liaisons to assist with the passage of or opposition to critical state legislation pertinent to shared parenting values.

Kenneth Rosa

Social Media Manager

Kenneth came to The Fathers’ Rights Movement in 2016 and began working on equal shared parenting legislation leading him all over the United States. In 2019, he began collaborating to create new media and content, allowing him to coach, mentor, advise and reach out to fathers every day to help them through their struggles with the family court system. He continues to bring new content and collaborate on ways to provide awareness to the systematic problems fathers face and looking for solutions that one day all children will have equal access to both loving parents.