Powerful Documentary Exposes Domestic Violence Industry’s Criminal Enterprise – Filmmaker Arrested

FLORIDA – There are only a handful of honest and truly objective journalists left in this country who have the courage to shine light on corruption, demand transparency in government and bring awareness to victims of injustice. Tom Lemons is one of those journalists who stood firm on his values and never shied away from exposing the misdeeds of powerful politicians, government agencies, or criminal enterprises. But having integrity isn’t always the safest virtue when reporting on the mob and that’s how Lemons ended up with a virtual contract on his head.

For the last eight years Lemons fought arduously to expose corruption between the Sheriff of Hernando County, Florida, a multimillion-dollar “nonprofit” and other iniquitous power brokers. As a result of his unrelenting efforts to expose federal fraud, child abuse, human trafficking, and other horrendous crimes, officials boycotted his business, offered him bribes and even threatened his life. After Lemons refused to stop being a voice for falsely accused men and fathers, and the numerous women and children being trafficked and abused, the Sheriff began a campaign of victim shopping; a term that means recruiting individuals to file false criminal complaints against an innocent person. After three failed attempts, the sheriff finally succeeded in orchestrating a false felony charge and several false misdemeanor charges, that have since been upgraded to felonies, as a form of intimidation to push Lemons into accepting a plea deal. Lemons is now fighting for his own freedom and could spend up to 15 years behind bars if he is convicted of the charges filed against him. And with the judges and prosecutors being directly involved in the scandal, the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence is likely. Trial is currently set for November 15, 2021.

If you cherish the First Amendment as much as any American should, then you are witnessing an attack on free speech like no other time in recent history. This is an unprecedented assault on the First Amendment and if they can do this to a small-town reporter, then every American is at risk of becoming a target.

Lemons documented his horrific experience in his film Behind the Gate, which is available on Youtube. If you thought family courts were corrupt, wait until you see what Lemons reveals in his powerful documentary.

Additional updates since the release of his film:

In May of 2021, Lemons was approached by two former shelter employees who confessed to forging hundreds of temporary housing funding affidavits. These whistleblowers are currently consulting with attorneys on how to avoid prosecution.

Behind the Gate: https://youtu.be/b8l6ZH1cs4c

Update: April 7, 2021: https://youtu.be/wGtDc_g2a7E

Woman claims she was told to lie: https://youtu.be/c34bA0IlHJI

Video of Bar Attack: https://youtu.be/IamUeqglecM


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