Board of Directors

Mark Jaycox President of the Board
Mark worked in IT Management for 20+ years, and Cable Contracting Management for another ten years. Mark is a Co-Founder of TFRM (since 2013) and became the organization's first VP of Operations. Mark's rude awakening to the System of Family Law came in 2003, after 20+ years of marriage and four sons. Mark is a dedicated advocate for Shared Parenting and the homeless.
Walter T. Richardson IV Vice President of the Board
Walter became a father in 2017, and quickly learned the difficulty of being separated from his daughter’s mother, while desiring more time with their child. He learned about The Fathers’ Rights Movement shortly after his separation and joined the movement. Walter brings what he has learned about the psychological effects of alienation and networking with legislators and other like minded individuals and organizations, submitting a joint custody bill in 2019.
Samantha Dickerson Secretary of the Board
Samantha has been involved with TFRM since 2017, and has held numerous roles across the organization. She is a loving mother and step-mother, who first became aware of the issues within the family court system upon becoming a step-mother. Throughout working with TFRM, Samantha came to realize the injustices she endured growing up as a child of a split home, and as a victim of parental alienation herself. She is now an avid advocate for Family Law Reform, so that her 4 children may never have to endure the inequalities within the family court system.
Linda Mohr Treasurer
Linda worked in the Hospitality industry in Management for 25+ years, and now is currently a full time home health care provider. Linda is a Co-Founder of TFRM (since 2014), and became the organization's first VP of Administration . Linda became aware of the injustice in the family law system when her son was involved in a custody case. Linda is a dedicated advocate for Shared Parenting, feeding the hungry, and the Homeless.
Board member
Glenn Shepherd Board member
Glenn is an IT professional with 25 years of experience and has been a volunteer for TFRM since 2017. Estranged from his child since 2015, he is passionate about contributing to more positive outcomes in shared parenting.
Thomas Fidler Founder and Honorary BoD
Thomas is the father of two and has been an inspiration to others, both within and outside The Fathers' Rights Movement since its founding in 2013. He remains and honorary member of our Board of Directors.
Honorary #2
David Pisarra Honorary Board member
David Pisarra is a California Father’s Rights attorney. He is a vocal supporter of Equal Shared Parenting as a starting point for child custody.