Thank You for Registering

Thank you for registering with The Father’s Rights Movement.

Your continued support of our mission is deeply gratifying to us, and we hope it is the same for you. As our organization grows, we will be supplying more and improved services to fathers and children, but we cannot do that without the help of our donors and our volunteers, like you.

A few the services we currently deliver and are working to improve upon are:

  • Crisis Hotline – Every day, The Fathers’ Rights Movement has an immeasurable impact on struggling fathers’ lives. Our Crisis Hotline instantly forwards calls to fifteen volunteers who take dozens of calls each month; we even respond via text messages and emails.
  • Awareness – strategic initiatives to inform and educate people about the imbalance of justice in the family court system and the adverse effects on fathers, children, and society. Increasing awareness will help mobilize the power of public opinion in support of our cause and help gain attention and leverage political decision-makers
  • TFRM Phone App– With over 1,000 downloads since its launch in August 2020, the TFRM phone app puts all the information and services we offer in the palm of your hand. This summer, 2021, we are rolling out a new improved app with an enhanced user experience and more functionality.
  • TFRM Live– Kenneth ‘Rosa’ is Live ever Wednesday night with new guests to discuss the disparities in equality within the family court system and EQUAL Shared Parenting.
  • Unfaltering Fathers – Nicholas Wedlow, Air Force service member, Author, and Father joins the TFRM broadcast lineup every Tuesday night to celebrate the positive impact fathers have on their children’s’ lives.
  • State of the Family Court – Southern California family law attorney Mark Reel Jr. joins TFRM’s lineup speaking with lawmakers, attorneys, and family court experts about the current state of family laws in each state, upcoming legislation for or against equality, what you can do in your state to support Equal Shared Parenting, and answer family law questions specific to your state.
  • ORG– The Father’s Rights Movement’s new website, TFRM.ORG is LIVE! But we are not done! We will continue to add new verified information, resources, and programs.


We look forward to continuing to stand with you to support fathers, children, and families.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions!